Let’s pH-ocus on the soap

Let’s pH-ocus on the soap

Welcome to the world of Bob, where innovation, sustainability, and pH balance converge to redefine the way you wash. In this week's update, we're diving into the heart of our soap development journey. From forging international partnerships to solving the pH puzzle, team Bob has been hard at work crafting the perfect solution for your bits and bobs. Join us as we explore the exciting progress we've made.


Founder's Update


Hello, fellow Bobs!


At Bob HQ, the energy is electrifying. What started as an idea is now taking shape thanks to the dedication of our team, who are managing operations from our cozy flats and vibrant Pret coffee shops. This week, we've been buzzing with activity:


  • We've joined forces with Beta. Design Office, a powerhouse of industrial design brilliance. Meet Mark, Harry, and Alex—the architects of Bob's physical form.
  • A hearty shoutout to our first investors who've injected £60,000 into our global dream. Dubai and the UK are both part of the Bob movement!
  • After an exhaustive search spanning four months and countless soap manufacturer calls, we might just have cracked the code for a pH-balanced soap. More on this milestone shortly.
  • Team Bob is on fire, and I'm honoured to be part of this dynamic journey. The soap revolution is underway, and I can't wait to share it all with you.


Yours sudsy,

Mike Brennan




pH-ocus on the Soap


Last week and the one that followed were all about the soap. Our quest for the perfect pH balance led us on an exciting international adventure. While exploring options in the UK, we realised that most natural soap bars hover around a pH of 8-10—not suitable for your delicate bits and bobs. Even our friends at Norwich Soap Co., whom we adore, couldn't deliver the pH we needed.


So, we turned to our German counterparts, known for efficiency and excellence. The result? A soap partnership that promises clean, sustainable, and beautifully designed soap bars. Our German soap allies are already concocting the first batch of Bob soap bars. Fingers crossed, we'll be diving into our showers and testing within a few weeks.


Speaking of partnerships, we've also welcomed Beta. Design Office to our innovative family. Mark, Harry, and Alex, the wizards of industrial design, have taken on the challenge of transforming the soap industry alongside Team Bob. Their creativity knows no bounds, and we're excited to unveil the results in the coming weeks.


Take a sneak peek at Team Bob mingling with Team Beta in our photo diary.



Stay tuned for next week's email, where we'll explore Beta's design breakthroughs and creative problem-solving.



The Problem with Bar Soap: Unveiling the pH Balance Secret


Slippery, toxic, and inconvenient—bar soap has its issues. But worry not, Bob is on a mission to revolutionise your washing experience and bring a smile to your face. At the heart of this transformation lies the magic of pH balance.


In the world of soap, there's a crucial battle: pH-balanced vs. natural. Natural soaps, while eco-friendly, tend to boast pH levels of 8-10—too harsh for your sensitive areas. Even attempts to reduce pH with acids only take it down to 7, resulting in subpar soap quality.


Our quest for pH perfection led us to syndet base soap formulas, which offer the potential for a pH of 5.5. But wait, there's more—our German soap partners, working alongside our in-house expert Max, have uncovered +95% biodegradable syndet bases. This means Bob's soap can balance pH, cater to your bits and bobs, and be kind to the planet. A true win-win!


And why does pH 5.5 matter? Check out Max's enlightening Instagram post about the importance of pH balance [Here].



Calling All Bobs: Share the Excitement


Have you spread the word about Bob yet? If not, now's the time to act! Share Bob with five friends, family members, or even that stranger at the pub. Simply send them the link below via WhatsApp, and guess what? We've got an exciting update for you next Thursday.




That's all for now, Bob! Stay tuned for more thrilling updates from Team Bob as we continue to reshape the way you wash your bits and bobs.


With bubbly anticipation,


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