Don't drop the soap...🧼

Don't drop the soap...🧼

Hey there, Bob, Bobi, Bobber, ickle Bob, Grandad Bob,

We hope you had an amazing bank holiday weekend filled with relaxation and fun. After indulging a bit too much in food and drinks (we've all been there!), we're back to tackling the week ahead. Speaking of which, we're thrilled to share some fantastic updates and insights about our journey with Bob in the world of bar soap, shower essentials, and beauty innovations.


Founder update


We're all in this together, and as we embark on the journey to revolutionise the showering experience, we're excited to have you by our side. Last week, we celebrated reaching some incredible milestones:


Our next phase of investment: After securing our first £100k in investment, we're gearing up to raise the next £200k. The support from our early investors has taken us to new heights, including an upcoming investor roadshow in the vibrant city of Dubai. Yes, Bob is going global! If you're intrigued by the idea of investing in Bob, let's chat. Learn more here.


Creative endeavours with Beta: Our creative partners at Beta have been hard at work, crafting unique designs and experimenting with soap formulas. We might have blown up a microwave in the process (whoops!), but that's all part of the creative journey. Stay tuned for our Founder series and the dreamy Building Bob Netflix Series (we can all but dream).


Refining our strategy: We won't deny that creative clashes are part of startup life. While Mike's impatience and Max's steadfastness fueled some debates, it was all worth it. We've reimagined our marketing and content strategy, resulting in some seriously exciting content coming your way. Keep an eye out for it!


German soap partner update: Our German soap partners are keeping us in suspense with their "trust us" approach to timelines. Will might be losing his cool, but the excitement of showcasing our soap prototype in Dubai trumps it all. Ah, the joys of startup life!


Unveiling the Vision


Last week, we unveiled our focus on pH-balanced soap and the progress with our German soap partner. This week, let's dive deeper into the heart of Bob's design:

 Imagine the feeling of Ratatouille's Ratatouille taking you back to cherished moments. Similarly, we're crafting Bob to evoke emotions – the kind of feeling that transcends mere showering. Just as wet-shaving transports Mike back to his father's shaving lessons, we want Bob to create a showering moment that stays with you.


Collaborating with Beta, we've delved into how Bob will fit seamlessly into your shower routine. Every aspect, from Bob's ergonomics to its ability to travel with you, has been meticulously considered. We've even had debates (and friendly oustings) with Beta about the perfect design that captures the essence of this unique experience.

Here’s a blurry pic of some of our first hand drawn styles and shapes, which try to capture the ‘moment.’ We can’t show you all the details just yet as it’s top secret, but rest assured, it’s going to be amazing. Our obsession with creating the new way to wash your bits and bobs has no bounds, and our meeting conversations are interesting to say the least. And yes, we are filming the journey of Bob behind the scenes so you will be able to watch the full series of Building Bob in time. Back to the blurry pic. Can you make anything out? Because we can’t.


Tackling the bar soap dilemma


Ah, the age-old struggle of not dropping the soap – it's not just a saying; it's a challenge we're determined to conquer. But that's not all we're aiming for:


  • Bob works wet and won't break: Dropping soap is a thing of the past. Bob stands tough in wet conditions, ready to elevate your shower routine.


  • Easy refills and travel-friendly: Bob's all about convenience. Refilling your soap and taking it on your adventures has never been simpler.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic: We've ensured Bob fits snugly in your hand, making each wash comfortable and effortless.


  • Consistent soap dispensing: Say goodbye to uneven lathering. Bob ensures your soap is evenly distributed every time.


  • No more soap spillage: Bob's got your back – from the first wash to the last, no soap will be left behind.


With 54 essential requirements, Bob's not just a product; it's a commitment to transforming your showering experience.


The Journey to Sustainability


As passionate advocates for sustainability, we're here to tackle the plastic problem. Every year, 1.4 billion plastic body wash bottles end up in landfills. That's why we're reimagining how you use soap. It's not just about cleansing; it's about embracing a new way to wash your bits and bobs.


From the size of the product to the number of washes it delivers, we're redefining the norms. Every aspect, from how it feels in your hands to the way it drains, is designed to create a new way to care for your body while caring for the planet.


Spread the Word about Bob


We're grateful for your support and want to invite you to share the excitement of Bob with others. If you've introduced someone to our journey in a pub or at a coffee shop, kudos to you! For those who haven't, fear not – our quick 3-minute market research survey is your chance to redeem yourself. Fill it out, and consider your "homework" complete!




Bob is more than a soap; it's a journey, a revolution, and a commitment to a sustainable future. Together, we're rewriting the rules of showering, and creating a new standard of care for both ourselves and the environment. Stay tuned for updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and the incredible content we're shaping together.


Until next time,




P.S. This time, I'm not writing to you from the shower. Four coffees and a hearty bank holiday weekend inspired this one at Pret A Manger!

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