It’s time to revolutionise the soap industry

It’s time to revolutionise the soap industry


Hello Bob, welcome to team Bob,


(don’t worry, our marketing team haven’t pulled your name through incorrectly - we just call everyone Bob),


Thanks so much again for joining our waiting list, it means so much to have your support at such an early stage of Bob’s journey. 


My name’s Mike. Investors and corporate people wearing suits call me CEO or Chairman, but in truth I am just Mike, one of the co-founders of Bob, who wears flip flops no matter the weather. 


We are currently building Bob, the new way to wash your bits and bobs, a new and groundbreaking sustainable product designed to hold a pH-balanced bar of soap. Over the next 8 weeks we will be sending you an email every Thursday, which aims to keep you up to date with Bob’s development. By the end of our first 8 weeks of product development we will share with you Bob’s prototype, which we are super excited about!


We hope our updates are engaging and educational, and above all, make you want to be one of Bob’s first soapscribers, once Bob is ready to sell. 


Mike Brennan



Meet the Men Behind the Mission

Allow me to introduce you to the driving force behind Bob's revolutionary concept – Will, Max, and myself. Picture this: three friends sharing a well deserved Thursday beer. As they discussed their daily washing routine, a shared frustration surfaced. The excessive waste generated by plastic body wash bottles and their bits and bobs being neglected at both a skincare and brand level. That moment sparked a revolutionary idea that would ultimately become Bob.


William Richards: The Detail-Oriented Dynamo

Meet Will, Bob's Chief Operating Officer and detail maven. With a background in global technology change & operations, Will ensures that every aspect of Bob's journey is finely tuned. He's the mastermind behind seamless transformations and product launches, all while juggling his passions for fitness and canine companionship.


Max Agace: The Creative Catalyst

Max is the creative genius shaping Bob's identity. With a passion for sustainability and an eye for design, he's led product innovation for renowned organisations like Comic Relief. Max's unwavering commitment to positive impact infuses Bob's every fibre, making him the guiding light of our creative endeavours.


Mike Brennan: A Force of Innovation

A name that resonates in the tech world, Mike has led the way with two globally acclaimed SaaS products. He's a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoured and a seasoned start-up CEO with a track record of success. Mike's energy and vision are what guide Bob toward a brighter, more sustainable future.



The Problem with the Current Soap Industry:

The problem with the soap industry is that there has been no innovation for the last 100 years. 

It’s either plastic body wash bottles (where 1.4 billion are thrown away every year, there's huge water wastage, and toxin chemicals are used at the expense of our body and planet) or Soap bars. But how many times do you drop your bar of soap, wish you could travel with your bar of soap, or simply look at your bar of soap with a screwed up face as one side of it is slimy because it's stuck to the shower floor for too long? 

It’s time to revolutionise the soap industry and remove these problems with Bob. Think WILD, Fussy, Harry’s Razor’s, but for Soap.




Share the Journey

 Please do share, share, share. Every new person who joins our waiting list brings us one step closer to launching Bob. 








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