Bob joins the mile high club. ✈️ Get your mind out of the gutter

Bob joins the mile high club. ✈️ Get your mind out of the gutter

Hey there, Bob’s!


Our founder, Bob, here. Before we dive into this week's update, I've got a confession to make. I owe Will's mum, Louise, a big apology – not just because of the eyebrow-raising title of this blog post. It turns out my spelling and grammar are about as reliable as a paper umbrella in a rainstorm. If only my parents had sent me to boarding school, right?


"Two," "to," "too," and even "tway" (as the Scots say) seem to be my linguistic kryptonite. So, I've taken a seat on the naughty step, and Louise, well, she's been promoted to Bob's Chief of Spelling and Grammar (COSG). William, you're now the guardian of all things textual, making sure it's shipshape before it sets sail from Bob's shower doors. Sie?


The only hiccup is that I'm currently cruising at 35,000 feet on my way to Oman, and I haven't had a chance to craft this update until now. My phone might not even work when I land – I forgot to internationalize it, and I had a tiff with the support chatbot (I told it to "do one," and it wanted a vocabulary lesson). So, the update had to go out sans Louise's eagle eye.


But here's the backstory: In my zealous attempt to plan an investor roadshow in Dubai next week, I completely overlooked the fact that my wife and I had already booked a honeymoon trip to Oman this week. Some might say I should listen more; some might say I over planned, and some might just call me plain daft.


This oversight set off a chain reaction at Bob HQ. Here's the rundown of what happened this week, starting Monday:


- Halim Sader – Our incredible first investor and Bobeliever, Halim, saved the day by coordinating meetings and investor intros for the Dubai trip. Big thanks, Halim!


- The Prototype – Beta, my savior! I did promise the Bob prototype by October 3rd, but thanks to Beta, it's already in hand. Now, let's hope I find the key in my luggage!


- New Investment Deck – I gave Max just 28 hours' notice and a bunch of scribbles, and he turned it into our shiny new investment deck. It's pure genius, and if you want a peek, drop me a message by clicking here.


- Financial Model – Our CFO worked his magic, and Gill, our spreadsheet genius, set me straight on the integrated P&L and cash flow model. We're talking about how Bob could be valued at £100 million by 2028, with your help.


- Operational Harmony – Will and Gill are like two peas in a pod, and they've got Bob running like a well-oiled machine. Good for Bob, indeed.


So, with a little deadline-driven teamwork, we nailed all four tasks. Sorry, team, for the rush – but hey, now we know what we can do when push comes to shove.


My next update will be from Dubai, and it'll be a tad more organized than this one, promise. For now, though, my right arm asleep (thanks to my snoozing wife), my left neighbours on a bailey’s bender, and I'm typing with one finger like it's 1999.


Speaking of onboard adventures, a man just entered the restroom right in front of me, and a lady followed suit. The door's locked, seatbelt signs are on, and turbulence is brewing. Buckle up, folks – this could get interesting.


Until next week, sending love from the skies. I'll keep you posted on Bob's bathroom escapades. Now, time for a little shut eye, as the complimentary trolley is enroute. Shortbread, pretzels, Heineken, tea, water, and a KitKat – sounds like a plan.


P.S. I just realized the prototype is in my checked luggage, and the key is in my hand luggage. Fingers crossed both make it to Oman – otherwise, I'll be in quite the pickle with my paddle locked in a diving case lockbox.


And remember, none of this would've happened if Louise were running Bob. Maybe we should recruit her as a non-exec to keep us on track.


Pray for Mike.


Stay sudsy,


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