Max and I were in the shower and….

Max and I were in the shower and….

Well, we’ve gone from a boring update last week to a crazy, super-charged, and exciting update this week. 

In summary:

  • We received semi-naked videos of Harry, our product designer, in the shower testing Bob on his hairy, and non-hairy, bits (I’m still recovering from watching said videos).
  • Max and I pretended to be cool kids, filming very silly and funny post-it note content videos for our Kickstarter campaign. (Thank goodness my wife didn’t walk into our flat when Max and I were in the shower together, trying to capture ‘the perfect angle’).
  • We now have four test rigs on the go (1A, 1B, 2A and 2B) and my goodness, they are working, but one of them is really, really working! It’s now just a case of making sure we get the right size for hand, combined with the right size of soap, combined with the right size and amount of bristles, and then we will not be far of a pre-manufacturable prototype (the last bit before we manufacture our thingymabob’s).
  • One of our UAE investors was over in UK this week so he brought along some other investors, which has now resulted in lots of opportunities to secure more investment, and also provided a clear route to market in the Middle East. Thank you, Hani.
  • Last but by no means least, our German soap partner has a board meeting this week and are discussing whether to invest in Bob, along with the opportunity of rolling out Bob across Europe (bloody exciting).

(thank goodness we are meeting with a few digital content agencies and growth marketing experts, as I don’t think I could spend 5 hours a day creating shower content. I prefer raising money, strategy, and growing businesses. I’ll let Max and the clever marketing people work this out ongoing). 

I wonder what the rest of the week has in store for us as the week has already been awesome!

Right, must dash, as I am off to raise some more investment for Bob, then back to review our new website content, and then back out again as the wife has signed me up to a Charity Carol Concert. Tis the season and all.

Hope you are all starting to think about hanging your ‘Bob’bles on your Christmas tree. Marketing team take note for next year. Baubles, or ‘Bobbles,’ full of soap for our 2024 Christmas campaign. We coming for ya John Lewis… 


Until next week,



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